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Initially considered a dangerous and useless ambition, British climbers later took on the status of imperial heroes; their heroic glamour was exacerbated after both Mallory and Irvine disappeared, and contemporary films such as Touching the Void have only increased this appeal. Simon Thompson charts the development of the history of this popular sport, but also addresses larger philosophical questions about the motivation for it and why, in our increasingly affluent and secure society, people continue to want to climb a mountain.

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Footprints in Paris by Gillian Tindall: review. Unlike Annapurna, the south-west face of Everest is not a beautiful route. It consists of a steep snow slope leading to the prominent rock band starting at about 8,m, followed by further snow slopes leading to the summit ridge. There are few natural features to capture the eye or the imagination, but it has the unique advantage of being on Everest, the most remarkable name in mountaineering.

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A personal journey from reading a book…not bad! Thompson wraps up the Romantics then steams through the train-assisted boom in Alpine tourism. But this is a book that anyone interested in British climbing needs to read. And it has much to say about what drives those who climb mountains, and the intensity of experience they crave. This thoughtful and witty book by Simon Thompson is about the Brits who risked everything for what many considered nothing.

At first sight, this does seem to be a surprise.

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But then, once one starts analysing what is required, the magnitude of the task soon becomes apparent Fortunately, Thompson has pretty much managed to square the circle with this splendid social history. This makes far more demands on the writer, but it makes for a much more rewarding experience for the reader Does Unjustifiable Risk?

Overall, the answer is yes This Boardman Tasker Prize short-listed publication is quite honestly a staggering piece of research work in its own right. We are taken through climbing history from what the author refers to as the Golden Age, then Silver, to the Iron Age; the start of the use of the first pitons up to the present day. The author explores the social, cultural and ethical changes in British Climbing.


PDF Unjustifiable Risk?: The Story of British Climbing

Along the way he raises as may questions as he offers answers or opinions. This was a suitable enjoyable finish to the book. There are any number of book on the history of climbing and this certainly meets the bench mark and will not disappoint. Library availability. Buy from Amazon. Have you read this? Please log in to set a read status Setting a reading intention helps you organise your reading. Read the guide. Your reading intentions are private to you and will not be shown to other users.